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The land of broken pavement


The Village of Greenport embarks on a new chapter with the installation of Mayor David Nyce, two new elected trustees and one new appointed trustee on April 2, 2007.  The old administration of David Kapell left a wonderful waterfront park complete with a merry-go-round, a camera obscura, mountains of debt and broken down utility systems. 

Located on the eastern end of Long Island's North Fork, Greenport has the best natural deep water harbor on Long Island.  Greenport is a one square mile incorporated village with a population of approximately 2,400 people.  If you would like to learn more about the Village of Greenport and what makes it famous follow the links below:


Meeting Log




The Digital Photographer

George David September 24, 2014

New Steeple May 14, 2014

The Firefighter

Conduit Work

White Bird

Firefighter 2

4th July



The Limits to Growth






Your Tax Dollars at Work (sort of)

2010-2011 Budget

2010-2011 Debt

Condos Kick Some Ass April 2011

Fire Department Equipment Fund March 2011




Barge Building - 15 April 2010

Barge Building - Jan 2010



Old Timey

Power 115 Years Ago

First Train to Greenport in 1844

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Moores Drain


The Digital Weatherman

Squall 8 June 08

Squall 26 June 09

Rain June 09

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The New Official Village of Greenport Web Site

See Through New York

Greenport: An Example of Excess Economic Expansion?

Stirling Historical Society

Stirling Historical Society | Facebook

Greenport Maritime Museum

Hampton Take 2 Documentary Film Festival - Hellfire Harry


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